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GroVert Planter


10 Cell Planter with Moisture Mat
GroVert Irrigator


Easy-Connect Watering Device
GroVert Collection Tray

Collection Tray

Overflow Tray with Drain Plug
GroVert Moisture Mat

Moisture Mat

Replacement Moisture Retention Mats
GroVert Micro

GroVert MC

45 Micro-cell Planter

The GroVert Living Wall System consists of the GroVert living wall planter with moisture mat technology, hanger bar, removable irrigator, collection tray and decorative frame. Each accessory can be purchased within the kit or separately; allowing the ambitious homeowner to experiment by stacking multiple GroVerts over any size wall, creating stunning mosaic style designs. Or simply swap out frames with the seaons for a whole new look and feel. The options are endless!

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